Hints for running (old) XPilot maps on NG servers

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Hints for running (old) XPilot maps on NG servers

Post by Angeba » Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:07 pm

Option playerwallbouncebrakefactor:
If not specified in the map, the default will be used. This is 0.89 for
the 4.5.4 and fxi servers, and 0.5 for NG. So the ship will bounce quite
a lot on 4.5.4 and fxi servers, which will be hard to control, especially
on a lagged connection and in tight passages. Consider to explicitely
set this option to a lower value, like 0.5.

Option ballradius:
This option was added in XPilot-NG. With its default setting of 10, balls
bounce with their full radius (their outer skin) from walls and also
hit treasure boxes ("to cash"), when their outside touches it.
When running a map that was _not_ specifically designed for NG, you should
generally set `ballradius' to 0, to get ball behaviour like the map author
intended. I.e., the ball will practically be a point then, regarding collisions
and cashes, like XPilot balls where before NG.

Mines/missiles explode on pickup:
Make sure that the options `rogueHeatProb' and `rogueMineProb' are 0 or close
to it. The closer they are to 1, the higher the probability that a missile
or mine respectively will explode when being picked up. The server's help
text to these options is not very clear to me (`Probability that unclaimed
missile packs will go rogue.' and `Probability that unclaimed mine items will
activate.' ...).

Mines/missiles explode instantly on drop/fire:
Make sure that the options `missileLife' and `mineLife' are _not_ set to 0.
The 4.5.4 server interprets 0 as `use default value'. For XPilot NG, this
was changed; here 0 means `explode instantly'. So either remove these
options from the map, or set them to a sensible higher value.

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