New Map... hyperrace.xp

Ideas for new maps
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New Map... hyperrace.xp

Post by sloopy »

I made a new map, its called hyperrace, it is based off of a conversation between myself, cluster debris, warn, and AB... the idea is to go up (left side) or down (right side) and complete 400 laps... its currently in testing on my server, the currently running map is alpha 3. any suggestiongs, you can give me here or on irc...


p.s. any ideas for new maps let me know, i will make any map except original poly maps... i will only edit prexisting poly maps...
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Re: New Map... hyperrace.xp

Post by Nico »

Hello !
(wonderful, my first post!)

Well, I don't know if the bouncing option is not a bit too high. At high speed it takes a long time to stop bouncing when you run into a wall.

I've got an answer : someone knows if team maps with areas to conquer (as described in the "Todo" of the 4.5.4 distribution) were tested (or even created) ?

Please forgive my low English skills.

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Re: New Map... hyperrace.xp

Post by rotunda »

Nice, an answer delayed by almost a year. I would expect that rather on #xpilot channel on freenode IRC ;-)

I've never seen the features from TODO in action, but they might be possible in XPilot 5 or ng - would have to check that. Anyway, they could be interesting additions.
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