Put replays and webreplay on the Bloodspilot-website (done)

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Put replays and webreplay on the Bloodspilot-website (done)

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I think we should place some nice (multiplayer) recordings on the Bloodspilot-website,
to raise first look interest. Screenshots don't tell much about this game, nor does text.
We could use screenshots as thumbnails for the actual recordings, perhaps a couple of
animated GIF-frames.

Shouldn't the java webreplay program be a good choice for easy access to the recordings
for the masses? I haven't looked at it much, but Rotunda has used it on his own XPilot-site
for some ballrun recordings and it seems to work well.

Player messages should be removed before publication of any recordings (the GIT version
of bloodspilot-replay can do this with the `-notalk' option) and preferably players should be
told that you want to make a recording for publication.

Recordings are more interesting between more balanced teams IMO. Perhaps we can
arrange some 2 vs 2.
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