xp-mapedit: How to use the `grow' function?

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xp-mapedit: How to use the `grow' function?

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The XPilot map editor `xp-mapedit' which comes with XPilot 4.5.4 and NG, has a function
`Grow', which is avtivated by pressing the respective button. It adds blocks of wall around
existing walls "somehow" randomly. Its result also seems to depend on used zoom factor
and selection, but I can't figure how to really control this tool. Most of the time it just paints
way too much blocks, effectively filling the whole area or creating on big wall-"blob".

I've found an old map `Team.Pentagon.Wibble.map.gz' (`The Team Pentagon Wibble'), which
says in its `author' option: `RJC with ``Grown Lines'' - 3 O'Clock Friday morning'. I suppose
that the grow option of the map editor was used for it. The map is a playable ball map btw.

The only hint I have is the help text from the map editor reading:

`Hold down the Grow button to grow from existing blocks. If no blocks are drawn in the selected
area, blocks will grow from the center in proportion to the selected width and height.'

Hmmm ..., this really helps, doesn't it. ;/
I did also look into the source code of the map editor, but that did not reveal to me how it works either.

So if someone has an idea how the tool works, please post here.
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