Mechanisms making cowardly leaving/swapping/pausing harder

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Mechanisms making cowardly leaving/swapping/pausing harder

Post by rotunda » Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:31 pm

Most of you have probably witnessed annoying situations where some player swaps or pauses when he is about to lose the treasure. Recently I have been working on mechanisms which could prevent such behaviour. The current git code does not allow to pause or swap from a team which has any treasure missing. But there are exceptions to that rule.
1) If just one team is populated with active players, anyone is allowed to swap or pause.
2) If a player is waiting to join the game (the state denoted by the 'W' letter next to the nick) but changes his mind and wants to pause or swap, he is allowed to do so.

There is still nothing in place to make fast departures harder. One idea is to preserve the player's "ghost" in game for a few seconds after disconnection. This way he could still get balled if he deserved it.

Any doubts or ideas?

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