How to get the bloodspilot client(s) development version

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How to get the bloodspilot client(s) development version

Post by Angeba » Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:11 pm

First you need the `git' command, to fetch a copy of the client source tree. On Ubuntu
(I guess most other linux distributions too) this command is part of the `git-core'
package. Install it using your favourite package tool (e.g. apt-get, aptitude,

Next, in a shell change to a directory where you want the copy of the client to be
placed. For example change to your home directory:
# cd ~

Now you can fetch your copy of the client sources:
# git clone git://
If this command was successful, it has fetched all files of the bloodspilot clients
development version to a sub-directory `bloodspilot2-clients' of your current directory.

Change into this directory:
# cd bloodspilot2-clients

Run the `bootstrap' script (prepares the sourcecode for compilation):
# ./bootstrap

If everything worked well so far, you are ready to build the client(s) of your choice.
I recommend the X11 client. You can build it with some experimental features with:

If you want to install the client somewhere else than `/usr/local', you need to add
the `--prefix' option instead. The following would build for installation into your
home directory:
# ./ "--prefix=$HOME" "CPPFLAGS=-DANGEBA_MODS"

If the build succeeded, you are ready to install the client with:
# make install
In case you need root privileges to install (e.g. to install in `/usr/local'), then
install with:
# sudo make install

On success you now have the executable `bloodspilot-client-x11' in the `bin'
subdirectory of your installation directory (default `/usr/local') ready to be

For additional information, see also the `INSTALL' and `INSTALL.ubuntu' files in the
client directory.

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