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BloodsPilot client status

Post by Samaseon » Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:56 pm

The current BloodsPilot client is at version 1.4.0.

Main future tasks would be to try to make the X11 and SDL/OpenGL clients have similar functionality and appearance, e.g. regarding the radar, which is currently drawn differently. The X11 client draws the radar only on the HUD (around the ship), whereas the SDL client draws the radar in the upper left corner, like traditional XPilot clients. Related to this, the default color theme of the SDL client should be made more similar to that one in the X11, client, the SDL client uses colors that are annoying to the eye, such as magenta and pure blue.

Base warnings are broken in the SDL client in BloodsPilot 1.4.0 distribution.

The recording doesn't work in the SDL client either because the xpr format is X11 specific. Ideas for a better recording format and a standard way of converting XPRs to avi or whatever would be welcome.

A recent idea is to start a youtube channel for fxi Bloods Music ballruns, that players can submit. A high frame rate 25, or 50 would be best, because 12 fps looks a bit bad on youtube. Also note that the ballruns should be made with a server version that gives the correct number of frames, e.g. version 1.4.2 fxi.

Samaseon / kps

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