BloodsPilot SDL/OpenGL client development

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BloodsPilot SDL/OpenGL client development

Postby Samaseon » Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:14 am

I'm currently looking a bit into improving the SDL client as an alternative to the BloodsPilot X11 client, in case some people have problem with the X11 client or just prefer the SDL client. The issues I'm currently working on are:

1. Draw the radar as in the X11 client, that is with walls on HUD. In the GIT repository, I've already added drawing bases and basewarnings on the HUD radar. The HUD walls are a work in progress.
2. Fix the broken base warnings. These broke when I copied the code from the NG repository, for no reason I know of.
3. Change the color scheme to be more similar to the X11 client, including the life colors (red ship on last life, yellow ship on second last life).

If there's any other changes you would like for the SDL client let me know.

I'm thinking a new client tarball could be released after this job has been done, as Angeba Mekelt has made some fixes both for the client and the replay program, that are not in the latest stable client tarball (v1.4.0).

In the future, I'm considering using Qt and/or C++ on the client side as a programming exercise.

kps / Samaseon

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Re: BloodsPilot SDL/OpenGL client development

Postby taras » Tue May 04, 2010 1:00 am

Qt is ok.

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